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The group has now started moving towards automation of its recycling business. CPGS has taken an initiative of installing waste Processing lines to recycle, dismantle and treatment of e-waste and i-waste. With an investment of more than 100million rupees, the proposed line would have been an initial processing capacity of 5000MT per annum which will be expanded to 30000MT per annum in the next three years.
Processing Lines
Waste Electrical & Electronics Equipment
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End to End integrated Recycling Facility
Services Offered
Entire waste processing as categorised in WEEE directive
This proposed e-waste recycling and processing lines to be set up in an area of approximately 3000mts. in the industrial zone of Greater NOIDA with an initial annual capacity of 3600MT. These integrated lines will have the capacity to dismantle and recycle the entire e-waste as described in the WEEE directive. CPGS Green Recycling specialises in an environmentally safe and socially responsible dismantling of electronic waste.

CPGS will have the high capacity and most technologically advanced E-Waste Shredding System in India, thus providing our customers with maximum economic benefit and maximum commodity return. All material sent to CPGS will be 100% recycled into 3 main commodities: metals, plastic and glass. No electronics are placed in landfills.
Products that we recycle would include
1. Televisions 12. Servers
2. Monitors 13. Telecom Equipment
3. Laptops 14. Cell Phones
4. Plasmas 15. DVD Players
5. LCD's 16. Copy Machines
6. Printers 17. All Business/Office Electronics
7. Fax Machines 18. White Goods
8. Key Boards 19. Light Bulbs
9. Mice 20. Batteries
10. Stereo Equipment 21. Medical Equipment with NO BIO Hazards
11. Network Equipment  
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